Lace UP Golden Boxing Gloves
Lace UP Golden Boxing Gloves
Lace UP Golden Boxing Gloves
Lace UP Golden Boxing Gloves

Lace UP Golden Boxing Gloves

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Are you looking for Laceup boxing gloves that offer the best protection and performance available? There's nowhere else to look! These high-quality gloves are expertly designed to protect your hands and enhance your strikes for an amazing training session.

Unwavering Sturdiness:

Made from an ample 1.1mm thick, premium quality piece of real leather cowhide. These gloves are a dependable partner for numerous training sessions because of their sturdy exterior, which guarantees long-lasting wear and tear resistance.
Safe and Convenient Fit:

Enjoy a customized, secure fit thanks to the sturdy hook and loop fastening mechanism. This closure, which is made entirely of azo-free nylon, ensures a snug and comfortable fit without sacrificing flexibility for forceful strikes.
Superior Impact Absorption

With confidence, unleash your whole potential. The inner core's unique multi-layered design offers outstanding shock absorption. What's underneath the surface is as follows:

During strenuous training sessions, the inside cloth parachute lining helps ventilation and keeps your hands dry and cool.
EVA Cuff Padding, 12 mm Thick: Protects your wrists from injury and absorbs impact.
Four-Layer Mold: Latex, Andarly Foam, PU Foam: This combination of multiple densities evenly distributes force, reducing the possibility of knuckle and metacarpal injuries.
Superiority in Every Detail:

Discover the distinction between superior construction and materials.
PU Piping (0.7mm): Adds a hint of Korean quality while improving the glove's overall structure and appearance.
100% Nylon Thread (6 Ply): Even after heavy wear, the gloves' integrity is guaranteed by the high tensile strength of the thread.
Taiwanese PU-Based Printing Ink: Sturdy, premium ink guarantees that the logos and design components stay bright for the duration of the gloves' life.
Take Responsibility for Your Training:

These gloves are an extension of your strength and accuracy, not just a piece of gear.

Invest in what you are passionate about to advance your training.
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